Tradingview’s Indicator Review

The trading arena has many indicators, paid and unpaid, good and bad ones, trend and counter-trend trading, lagging and leading, and it might be challenging to find one suitable for you. Despite the long list of indicators, people still find it challenging to make a profit. If you are interested in tradingview paid indicators, you might have heard about MarketGod. The MarketGod Indicator has been in the market for some time and thus its popularity. 

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About MarketGod

The MarketGod indicator is prevalent in the cryptocurrency market but could be applied to other trading instruments such as commodities. You could add it to any chart like tradingview. MarketGod works so that when the conditions align, it could plot a small box on the chart indicating whether you should be buying or selling your commodities. The signal could indicate the changes in prices, which could be happening in the upcoming period. The MarketGod signal could be valid after the candle where the signal is located closes. If you see a signal appear on the small box, you could have to wait until it disappears before making a trade-move. You would make a move in the direction suggested by the signal with your preferred broker.

MarketGod Price

If you want to sample MarketGod, you could use the seven-day free trial and decide for yourself if the indicator works for you. If you decide to buy the MarketGod indicator, you could pay $132 on PayPal or $99 using bitcoin. Paying for the indicator guarantees access to its different versions and the discord channel which includes valuable information. 

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Is It A Trading Strategy?

Although you could rely on MarketGod to make an informed decision while trading, it can be a stand-alone strategy with the right price action setups behind it. Like most indicators the higher the timeframe you are viewing the more reliable the alerts become.

“Because nobody wants to get rich slow.”

Warren Buffett

How to Execute Trade on MarketGod

MarketGod produces the signal indicators and applies them on your chart, where they could be posted automatically. Trading with the MarketGod indicator could require manual effort from you as you could have to engage with your preferred broker. However, you could automate the trading using third-party application providers.

MarketGod Platforms and Versions

MarketGod is available both on tradingview and TrendSpider, and a free account on the platforms could be sufficient to use the indicator. The indicator has many versions and frequent updates. The current one is the MarketGod X. Its founder Eric Thies says that the versions released subsequently filled the gaps with the previous ones. There would be more updates in the future predicted to make the indicator platform better than the predecessors.

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MarketGod Indicator Timeframes

Although MarketGod might not come with a trading strategy, it could be wise to apply it during high time frames like using it daily or after a few hours, increasing your probability of making a profit. Signals on higher time frames like days and hours could be more reliable than those on short time frames like minutes. Additionally, if you generate the signals within a few minutes, you could be paying more commission for less accurate signals.

*True Story about MarketGod. 2 Years ago I took a buy alert on the weekly timeframe for Bitcoin around $3,900. Today that bitcoin is now worth over $30,000 dollars.

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My Final Verdict

MarketGod could be a good pay-indicator when trading commodities and bitcoin if utilized effectively. The indicator uses an automatic buy and sell signal generator, which you could manually use to trade with your preferred trader. What I like most about MarketGod is it shows market conditions which can be helpful for newbie traders. If you are a part-time trader the higher timeframe buy and sell alerts may be perfect for your schedule.  

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Disclaimer: Trading with technical indicators is risky. We highly recommend you to learn and understand how trading works. Start off with small amounts of money. In this way, you’ll slowly gain more knowledge, experience, and confidence in picking and choosing the right setups and alerts.

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