Cryptohopper Review 2019: The Up And Coming Trading Bot

In this article we’ll briefly share our Cryptohopper review. Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot. This means that you can set up a (fully or partially) automated process for trading cryptocurrencies. In most cases, people use Cryptohopper to gain more Bitcoin. If you are not yet familiar with Cryptohopper, please read our What is Cryptohopper? article. 

Cryptohopper review

We are using Cryptohopper for almost a year now. Even though we are new to bot trading, it was easy to get started. This Cryptohopper review is written on June 25th, 2019. The bot software is relatively new. Thus it is undergoing many changes on a regular basis. We’ll perform a yearly Cryptohopper review to keep you up-to-date with all the major upgrades and improvements.

Cryptohopper review: The pros and cons

Cryptohopper review pros and cons

✅ Nice and neat user interface

✅ Easy to setup & Configure

✅ Good educational tools and a active community, also for beginners

✅ Various trading options for both beginners and advanced traders

✅ Important features such as Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Buy

✅ Options to fully automate trading

✅ Manual Buy and sell

✅ Walletscrubber

✅ Auto synchronize with API connected exchange

✅ Backtesting

✅ Trade with more than one Hopper with different trading pairs and different exchanges

✅ Triggers

✅ Configs pools

✅ DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) option

✅ Paper trading

✅ No coin deposits, you are trading by an API connection with your trusted Exchange like Binance. API is only read and Chryptohopper has no access to your funds at your trusted exchange

✅ Support through email, Discord (various languages) and Telegram

❌ Overall statistics are not always updated correctly (ie total BTC returns)

❌ Small delay on sell orders

❌ The ‘shorting’ option is not an actual short 

❌ The support team is small, but growing (sometimes the questions or issues are not accurately addressed)

❌ Poor team info but Cryptohopper is an officially registered company in The Netherlands and if you want you can check the team members here

Cryptohopper review: Our opinion

CH our opinion

Our Cryptohopper review leads us to the opinion that Cryptohopper is a great trading bot for people that are new to the crypto trading space. Within a few hours you can set up an account, link it to an exchange, purchase a strategy or signal package from the Cryptohopper store and start automated bot trading!

Our experience is that Cryptohopper is a very user-friendly software, where you have all the basics plus some more advanced trading options. This is a great and easy way to get familiar with crypto trading.

We are looking forward to seeing Cryptohopper progress and improve over the next months and years!

We would like to mention that Cryptohopper is a rapidly growing business. They have a relatively small team, thus it’s taking some time for them to grow and improve the features. In conclusion, what we’ve seen so far, we think Cryptohopper has the potential to be the complete package when it comes to crypto bot trading.

Start with a free 7-day Cryptohopper trial!

Disclaimer: Trading with a trading bot like Cryptohopper is risky. The software tries to make as many good trading decisions as possible based on the settings. This often results in a positive outcome, but take into account that not all trades will end up with a profit. Besides that, we highly recommend you to learn and understand how trading works. Start off with small amounts of crypto coins. In this way, you’ll slowly gain more knowledge, experience, and confidence in bot trading with Cryptohopper.

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